Glider D-2, Magnetic Window Cleaner, 8-18mm

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• Designed for windows with challenging exterior access
• Features super magnets made from rare metal
• Suitable for cleaning double-glazed windows (8-18 mm/0.3”-0.7” thick)
• Double-action design for efficient cleaning and shining
• Includes four rubber squeegees and two microfiber pads

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The Glider D-2 - Suitable for use on windows with glass thicknesses ranging from 8 to 18mm.

The Glider d-2 Magnetic Window Cleaner allows you to clean the outside of your windows without having to leave your room. Ideal for hard-to-reach windows, the Glider is safe and effective for single-glazed windows with a thickness of 8-18mm. Sturdy and durable, the Glider is constructed of ABS plastic and is accompanied by two microfiber cloths for scrubbing and polishing. For optimal results, a short practice session is suggested; we recommend watching our video instructions for guidance.

Choose the appropriate Glider magnetic window cleaner model according to your window thickness. If you are unsure what your window thickness is, click here to go to our guide about how to measure the thickness of the windows.

Notice – This is the original GLIDER, with a two-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Beware of low-quality imitation products which look the same.

About the Glider

This innovative window cleaner utilizes powerful, lightweight rare earth magnets for superior cleaning of single and double-glazed windows up to 18 mm thick. It cleans both sides of the windows simultaneously and is the only no-streak solution with four squeegees (2 on each side). The included microfiber cloth can be used to scrub dirty windows and washed for 300 uses with no loss in cleaning properties. Ideal for large windows too big to reach or windows on high floors, the durable Glider D -2 design ensures streak-free glass cleaning with a single, efficient action for long-lasting use.

How To Use The Glider

Attach the Glider to both sides of the window, and don the finger ring attached to the exterior half. Spray a cleaning solution along the window, then use S-shaped motions as you move the Glider across the glass. Place a microfiber cloth on each side of the Glider and secure it to the window again. Move it in the same shape to dry the window, then store it away with the plastic spacer between the two halves.

1. Connect the Glider to both the exterior and interior window panes.

2. Put on the finger ring accessory attached to the exterior Glider.

3. Apply a cleaning solution evenly on both sides of the glass, as far as you are able to reach. The Glider will help spread the solution as you go.

4. Gently slide the Glider across the window in S-shaped motions.

5. Place a microfiber cloth over each side of the Glider and reattach the device to the exterior and interior window.

6. Make the same S-shaped passes to dry the pane.

    How to use Glider Q&A

    Q: What safety precautions must I take when cleaning windows with Glider D-2? A: First, ensure you only open the window enough to place the exterior half of Glider D-2 on the other side. Use the safety string to secure the Glider in the window. Second, remember these tools contain strong magnets- avoid placing your fingers or body parts between the two halves when operating.

    Q: How do I wet the outside of the window? A: Spray liquid along the window edge closest to you. Utilize the Glider blades to spread it, then rotate Glider D-2 to remove extra fluid. You can also place wet microfiber cloths on the Glider halves to wipe down the window before squeegeeing.

    This package includes4 natural rubber squeegees, 2 Microfiber cloths, a safety string for secure attachment of product parts, and 4 powerful rare earth magnets. The weight is 500 grams, the height is 10 centimetres, the length is 25 centimetres, and the width is 5 centimetres.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Dad Craig

    I am very with my window cleaner, the delivery process was great as well. 👍

    Peter Morrison
    Amazing Balcony Window/Glass Cleaner

    This tool makes my cleaning life so much easier. I use it to clean both sides of the glass along our long 8th floor balcony. It's simple to operate.

    Magnetic window cleanee

    It’s pretty good .. just make sure you use the finger ring . Made a big difference to tricky windows. Great service from Bright tools

    Brilliant product!

    Easy to use, strong magnets and does a brilliant job.
    Lovely people to deal with!
    Don’t hesitate if you need magnetic window cleaners. You will be delighted!

    Garry Ackerley

    Magnet a bit strong for thin windows

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