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Compact Silicone Squeegee Pack 2-in-1 Cleaning System (Squeegee + three pk Quick Mop Floor Wipes)

The Compact Silicone Squeegee Pack is a floor cleaning system including the BrightTools premium Silicone Squeegee Knuckle Joint 30cm and a 3 packs of Quick Mop Floor Wipes. This Pack is ideal for bathrooms, showers, caravans, motorhomes and other small spaces as the Squeegee head is 30cm, has a knuckle joint for easy maneuvering around tight spaces, and has a 4-part handle to disassemble for easy storage. 

The Pack is a much more hygienic solution than traditional mop cleaning systems for bathrooms and toilets, leaving a fresh scent in the space.

The Squeegee is a great tool on its own. It removes water from wet surfaces, and effortlessly cleans floors and windows. 

A step-up from other wet floor wipes, Quick Mop Floor Wipes are supersized to cover more surface with every glide, fresh home scented for instant crisp air, easily disposable and safe to use on all floors. They are compatible with most household brooms, but used with the BrightTools Squeegees offer an even more ideal clean.  You’ll revive your home quickly with minimum effort and maximum shine.

– Throw the Wipe over the top of the pole
– Instant, fresh, fast clean for all floor surfaces

You’ll love this multi-purpose cleaning system that can be used individually or together.

Customer Reviews

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Brigid Neill (Melbourne, AU)
Compact Squeegee Pack

Love the ease of this product. Also great using wipes and no water in caravan 😊

Jill Lang (Sydney, AU)

Quick Mop Floor Wipes – Choose your Bundle of 3 Packs


Broom keeps coming off the broom handle, too flexible. The concept is a good one, but the actual
Rubber broom part needs refining.

Hi Carol! Thanks for your review. We've got some handy tips to help you out with the rubber broom head issue you mentioned. The rubber broom head is connect to the handle by a vacuum mechanism. So, to get that broom head securely attached to the handle, here's what you do:
Push the handle into the broom head until it can't go any further. You can give it a little twist while you push. Also, make sure it's all snug and there's no space.
We've also sent you an email with an image and a quick video to make it even easier. Once you've done this, your broom head will stay put like a champ! You only need to do it once.
Thanks a bunch! BrightTools

J.M. (Brisbane, AU)
This device has changed my life!!!

I bought this for our caravan and it will be fantastic for the tight spaces in there. The long handle comes apart so will be easy to store in the van. I used it in our home to try it out. I have a great electric floor cleaner for our tiles but for a quick clean up, this is unbeatable!!! I can mop my kitchen floor in minutes, I can clean dust etc from under my low lounges (due to the swivel head), I can clean beside my fridge and so much more. This is a winner!!! I am so impressed. Lover the huge wet wipes and all the fragrances (bought the bundle with 3 types). As you might gather, I am highly recommending this device. Very happy buyer!!!

Lenore Taylor (Sydney, AU)
I love it

I love the product

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