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This 44 cm bi-directional multi-use squeegee features a patented push-and-pull design, providing exceptional cleaning performance in multiple directions. With just a simple twist of the handle, the user can effortlessly push or remove spills. The adjustable, 4-piece handle and angled squeegee design make it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas, while the 30-40 degree squeegee angle ensures no spill sweeping on any hard floor surface.

Suitable for use with any cleaning agent, this squeegee is also furniture-safe, as its 100% silicone design will not harm furniture, walls, baseboards, or floors. Built to last, the squeegee features a steel rod inner, a single-cast 100% silicone exterior, and an anti-rust aluminium handle, providing enhanced durability and performance for years of dependable cleaning. The integrated hanger at the top of the handle makes storage simple once cleaning is complete.

Customer Reviews

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Rachel T.
Quality & better than my old cleaner

I got this to clean my kitchen floor tiles. I have to say after testing it I found it very easy to use and it did a great job cleaning up the water I used to test it out. Left the floor nice and dry.

Very easy to use and put together. I do like it and I'm sure to use it often on my floor.

It's a little more then I normally pay, but the quality and warranty explains it.

My floor is sparkling. Better then my old cleaner.

Melanie J.
Convenient & quality

Great quality silicone head and comes with a two year warranty!

As it has a standard screw head, you can also attach any handle you like, so very convenient.

Mel T.
Works brilliantly

Works brilliantly for wetroom floors. No more bending. Gather water, grit and dust and leaves floors dry and clean.

Wayne R.
Amazing and multipurposeful

This is an amazing addition to anyone's home. This can be helpful to even be used as a broom. I've tried it many time to not stir up the dust, picked up all the mess and then washed off everything after. It can also be used in the bathroom if you have a floor draining system (wash everything with the shower then push the water with the squeegee until everything is cleaned and dried). They are also good in shops or garages or even if you have a pool. I am very pleased with it. It is really sturdy and very easy to use. I am gladly recommending this to anyone. Great value for money and also fair price.

Sammy P.
Great for multi use

This was very easy to put together you just had to screw the sections of the handle together so you could leave it shorter if you don't use all the pieces.
It works well on lino, laminate, tiled floor especially on liquids.
If you have a patio it can be used on that also but my preference for this squeegee is to use it on my windows I have large bay windows and this is perfect size to cover large surface areas to get all the soapy water off leaves my windows gleaming no streaks.

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