Professional Microfiber Cloth 2PK – XXL (80cmX60cm)

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Introducing our XXL Professional Microfiber Cloth – the ultimate cleaning cloth for all your floor cleaning needs. This cloth is perfect for drying floors, cleaning surfaces, and leaving a streak-free finish.

The unique design features a hole in the middle, allowing it to easily be attached to any broom, mop, or floor squeegee handle, turning any tool into a powerful cleaning mop.

Whether you’re cleaning your bedroom windows or mopping your kitchen floor, our microfiber cloth is the perfect addition to your cleaning arsenal. Our professional microfiber cloth is made with high-quality materials that absorb large amounts of water, making it ideal for wet or dry cleaning. It can be washed up to 300 times, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance.

Our professional microfiber cloth is an excellent add-on to our floor squeegees and brooms range.

This microfiber cloth is an excellent addition for any professional cleaner or homeowner looking for a high-quality and efficient cleaning solution.

Try it today and see the difference! Trust us to deliver superior cleaning results every time.

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