Floor Rubber Squeegee Extra-Wide 60cm

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• Oversized 60 cm design for large houses and industrial spaces
• Suitable for all surface types
• Patented adjustable joint for a perfect sweeping angle
• Crafted from one solid piece of 100% natural rubber for durability
• Long-lasting performance, even with intensive use

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Tyroler BrightTools heavy-duty floor squeegee 60 cm features a rubber blade made using one solid piece of natural rubber, which offers far greater durability than regular floor cleaning squeegees with joint blades that are always at risk of falling off.

Quick-drying action: With the blade measuring an extra-wide 60 CM, this big wiper squeegee dries a huge area with every pull, allowing you to finish the work much faster. 

Dries numerous surfaces: This industrial-quality rubber squeegee effectively dries both plain and curved surfaces. You can use it to dry concrete or tiled garage and bathroom floors, kitchen surfaces, windows, window panes, car windshields, glass shower doors, or a pool deck.

Easy to use: You don’t need to use excessive effort to dry your floors and surfaces. Simply apply some light pressure to the water squeegee to get the job done. It also comes with a hanging hole at the handle’s end, made for convenient storage.


Length - 60cm/23in

Width - 2cm/1in

Height - 140cm/55in



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    Great squeegee gets rid of excess water in

    Works well

    does a good job, the smell is very strong tho. :)

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