Long Handle Dustpan & Brush Made of 100% Natural Rubber

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• Broom and dustpan made using one solid piece of 100% natural rubber
• Rubber bristles on the broom create static electricity for easier dirt collection
• Wide dustpan with a long handle for convenient use
• Collect even the smallest dirt particles with just one sweeping motion
• Built to last and protect your furniture for years

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Tyroler BrightTools Long Handle Dustpan & Brush Set is Made from 100% Natural Rubber

The Magic long handle Dustpan is made using a single piece of RUBBER, allowing it to hug tightly to the floor leaving no gaps for dirt to escape

The dustpan made from a single piece of natural rubber; it offers unmatched durability that easily surpasses that of plastic dustpans

Lightweight broom with slanted side rubber bristles produced from high quality 100% Natural Rubber guaranteed to last for long years, Uniquely designed

slanted bristles make it perfect for cleaning along walls and household furniture without hassles

Tyroler Rubber Broom sucks up dust, pet hair and removes other low-weight dirt from any surfaces, Fully Washable rubber broom that cleans effectively without scratching floors or furniture.


Weight – 1400gr/ 3.1lbs


Height – 140cm/55in

Length – 42cm/16.5in

Width – 8cm/3.14in

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    The tray doesn't seem to pick up much when you sweep bit the brush is awesome

    Jimmy (Sydney, AU)
    Long handle dustpan review

    Dust pan itself was not wide enough despite it being great quality like the broom it came with.

    P. Morgan
    The Tyroler BrightTools is a pleasure to use.

    First, thank you for the very speedy dispatch of my order. It was delivered early this morning. Secondly, I quickly and easily assembled it the handle pieces fit together really securely. And finally, it works! I have had three plastic lobby broom sets from another brand (yes I must have been a slow learner). With every one of them the dustpan bowed and it took at least five or six sweeps to get anything into the pan, the brooms were totally useless, and the whole thing fell over constantly. The Tyroler is a pleasure to use.

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