Adjustable Dust Blade Silicone Broom & Squeegee

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• Suitable for cleaning all surface types – wet and dry
• 2-in-1 action: Works as a broom and as a squeegee
• Includes a patented dust-catcher system
• Slanted bristles enable optimal cleaning along your walls
• Made using one solid piece of 100% silicone, with 8 rows of tightly-packed bristles
• Adjustable joint enables particularly comfortable angling

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Introducing the ultimate cleaning tool that offers unparalleled flexibility, versatility, and durability – the Tyroler 2-in-1 Broom and Squeegee. With its adjustable knuckle joint, this cleaning tool provides effortless cleaning of hard-to-reach areas, both indoors and outdoors.

The angled silicone bristles are designed to efficiently target small dust and debris along walls and baseboards, while the integrated squeegee easily removes wet spills. The 2-in-1 functionality of this product makes it perfect for cleaning various hard floors, from tiles to hardwood to concrete.

Not only is this product versatile, but it is also furniture-safe. The broom and squeegee can handle the most straightforward or challenging cleaning jobs without damaging surfaces, making it a perfect addition to any home or business.

What sets this product apart is its ultra-durability. Unlike standard rubber and bristle brooms, Tyroler’s BrightTools patented 2-in-1 Broom, and Squeegee is designed for the most challenging tasks. Made of 100% natural rubber, the 41cm rubber broom head and the 140cm aluminium anti-rust 4-piece handle with a powder-coated finish provide long-lasting durability and outstanding performance.

The Tyroler BrightTools 2-in-1 Broom and Squeegee is the ultimate cleaning tool that offers flexibility, versatility, furniture-safe cleaning, and ultra-durability. Whether you are looking to clean hard-to-reach areas, small dust and debris, or wet spills, this product is designed to handle all your cleaning needs easily.

Height - 140cm/55in

Length - 41cm/16in

Width - 5cm/2in

Customer Reviews

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Customer (Melbourne, AU)

Amazing, I love this broom!

K.s. (Melbourne, AU)
Works really well

Love it.

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