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Glider D-2 AFC Magnetic Window Cleaner, 2-18mm

Glider D-2 AFC Magnetic Window Cleaner, 2-18mm


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Important – Choose the appropriate model of the Glider magnetic window cleaner according to your window thickness, if you are not sure what your window thickness is, click here to go to our guide about how to measure the thickness of the windows.

Dual Window Cleaning Tool – Dual Window Cleaning Tool – The smart Glider double-sided magnetic window glass cleaner, this system uses a strong magnetic force to clean the inside and outside of windows at your home or office by adjusting to any window size with magnetic “force control”.

Adjustable Magnet Strength – The quick-adjust knobs on our universal Glider D2 magnetic high window cleaner ensure it works seamlessly on any type of single-glazed and double-glazed glass windows 2-18mm thick.

Clean Hard-to-Reach Areas with our double-sided window cleaner – An easy way to clean bedroom windows, glass panes in multi-story homes, or living room windows, it makes removing dirt and film simple.

Ultra-Soft and Absorbent Cloths – This window cleaning kit also comes with 2 plush microfiber clothes to help remove dirt and impurities while polishing glass fast.

Trusted Guarantee – Every Tyroler Bright Tools product is backed by superior quality craftsmanship, long-term reliability, and a risk-free purchase you can rely on.


The Glider D-2 AFC window cleaner for  single/Double Glazed Windows Up To 18 mm

About the Glider

This outdoor glass cleaner is used to clean the exterior of windows, while staying in the room. It actually cleans both sides of the windows at the same time with superior cleaning quality. There is no other safe and simple way to clean the exterior of large windows that are wider than an arm’s length and on floors above ground level.

  • Effectively cleans single or double glazed windows of thickness between 2-18mm / 0.08-0.7inch.
  • The microfiber cloth can also be used to scrub very dirty windows. The cloth can be washed 300 times without losing its high cleaning properties.
  • Only streak-free window cleaner fitted with 4 squeegees (2 on each side).
  • Powerful light-weight rare earth magnets.
  • The power of the magnets will not reduce over time and the rubber squeegees will not wear out either.
  • Excellent no streak glass cleaning quality, with double action of cleaning and drying in the one go.

How to use the Glider

  • For single-glazed windows (2-8mm), open the screw fully and for double-glazed, open it to half.
  • Spray cleaning solution on both sides of the window. Hold the larger part of the cleaner on the window inside, then place the smaller part on the outside window.
  • The magnets will hold the two parts tightly together with the window pane in between them.
  • Start gliding the cleaner at the top of the window horizontally, from one side of the window to the other, back and forth, until reaching the bottom of the window.
  • For very dirty window panes, first apply the special microfiber cloth to scrub off excess dirt.
  • You can then use the microfiber cloths for a finishing touch to remove extra cleaning fluid from edges and polish the glass.
  • Once you have finished cleaning and want to store the Glider away, replace the plastic spacer in between the two halves of the Glider.

How to use Glider Q&A

Q: What safety precautions should I consider when cleaning windows with the Glider? A: First, don’t lean out the window. When using the Glider, you only need to open a window enough so that you can place the exterior half of the Glider on the other side of the glass. Make sure you place the safety string on your finger or close it in the window to secure it. Second, these tools use strong magnets. Don’t ever try to place a finger or body part between the two halves to separate them or to check how strong they are. Q: How can I wet the outside of the window? A: Spray your cleaning liquid along the edge of the exterior window that’s closest to you. Use the Glider blades to push the liquid along in front of it, then turn the Glider to scrape off the extra fluid. You can also wet the microfiber cloths and place them on the Glider halves to wipe down the windows before you use the squeegee blades.

Package content:

  • 4 natural rubber squeegees
  • 2 Microfiber cloths
  • Safety string to ensure secure attachment of product parts
  • 4 powerful rare earth magnets

  • Material – Rare Earth Magnets, Metal, ABS, Natural Rubber

  • Weight – 800gr / 1.76lbs

  • Resistance – Detergents, Oil

  • Effective for windows thickness between – Fits to 0.1in-0.7in / 2-18mm Single and Double glazed window thickness

  • Squeegee Blade – 4-Squeegee blade made of 100% natural rubber

  • Microfiber Cloth – Superior quality microfiber cloth for perfect dry and shine windows

  • Height – 14cm/5.5in

  • Length – 25cm/9.8in

  • Width – 5cm/1.9in

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