• Floor wipes bundle with silicone squeegee

    Bright Squeegee Pack


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  • Rav-Magav Squeegee 60cm + Free Fresh Home Floor Wipes


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  • Rav-Magav Squeegee 46cm + Free Fresh Home Floor wipes


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  • Silicone Patented Squeegee 45cm + Free Fresh Home Floor Wipes


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  • Flexible Floor Squeegee 45 cm + Bright Swipes Floor Wipes


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  • Silicone Squeegee 30cm + Free Fresh Home Floor Wipes


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  • Kitchen Countertop Squeegee


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  • High Window Cleaner


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Experience total durability with Tyroler patented floor squeegees and professional window squeegee that effortlessly removes water without leaving spots behind.

Innovative multi-surface cleaning tools designed of the highest quality to last a lifetime featuring ultra durable 100% natural rubber / 100% silicone. Fast drying, streak-free and offer absolute comfort.

With passion behind our specially designed products, our floor squeegees are made to last a lifetime and to clean with ease, in every spot for every home.

  • 100% Silicone and natural rubber made to last
  • Flexible squeegees & easy to clean after use
  • Multi-Indoor and Outdoor range
  • Fast, free shipping, 2-year-warranty & satisfaction guaranteed
floor Squeegees

Lifetime Durability

Made from natural rubber and 100% silicone our squeegees have a unique design that offer lifetime durability.

No need to buy and replace your cleaning tools  very few months, all of our floor squeegees, window squeegees and squeegee heads are built for heavy use, to give you a commercial grade clean inside your home without ever losing their shape.

Ultra Fast Drying

Our fast drying action means that you can get your windows, kitchen, bathroom, and floors cleaner, faster.

Our squeegees feature high quality ergonomic blades that capture more water with a single glide and leave surfaces completely dry.

Squeegee silicon

Streak-Free Clean

With flexible joint action and an extra wide blade, our squeegees slide easy without leaving streaks behind.

We’ve got the moves, so no going over floor spots and windows again and again, you’ll get a fast and efficient, streak-free clean every time.

Superior Comfort

Built for comfortable use and ease, all of our online squeegees require little effort and no extreme force.

With an adjustable joint to get into hard to reach places and an extendable handle that makes light work with a soft pressure touch, so you can clean in complete comfort.

silicone Squeegees

Floor Squeegee Tips

  • Choose a squeegee made from strong materials like Rubber or Silicone for high quality and performance.

  • Use warm water and vinegar to spray on surfaces and follow with a flexible floor squeegee.

  • For streak-free windows and no repetition, use single cast squeegees that give you a total clean with your first glide.

  • Find better control with gripped handles and adjustable joint squeegees, only light pressure needed to achieve optimum results.

  • Store easily with a hanging handle hole and clean your squeegee simply under warm water.

BrightTools squeegees are designed with individual surfaces in mind, you’ll feel the difference with each motion and in every room.

A better, faster way to be home and dry, a squeegee clean like no other.