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Silicone Squeegee 30cm + Free Fresh Home Floor Wipes

Silicone Squeegee 30cm + Free Fresh Home Floor Wipes


EAN: 7290005902239


ADJUSTABLE KNUCKLE JOINT: You’ll have all the flexibility you need to squeegee floor and window surfaces that are hard to reach.

REMARKABLE QUALITY: Our squeegee uses single cast 100% silicone, unlike the flimsy rubber strips on regular squeegees that easily fall off, creating industrial floor squeegee durability.

FAST DRYING ACTION: All other floor squeegees are no match for our high-quality squeegee 30CM wide-angle blade that quickly dries without spotting.

MULTI-SURFACE DESIGN: Our floor scrubber squeegee is perfect whether you’re looking for a wood, tile, marble, glass, concrete or garage floor squeegee.

ABSOLUTE COMFORT: You’ll love the lightweight build complemented by a  long stick floor squeegee handle that eliminates painful bending.

  • Material – 100% Silicone

  • Handle Assembly – Screwing

  • Handle – 4 Part Aluminum Anti-Rust, 140cm/55in Long, powder-coated finish

  • Weight – 620gr / 1.32lbs

  • Resistance – Detergents, Oil, Chemicals

  • Joint System – (1) —- 180° swivel joint head

  • Joint System – (2) —- Patent joint for optimal angle 45° between the floor and the squeegee

  • Height – 140cm/55in

  • Length – 30cm/12in

  • Width – 2cm/1in

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