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Silicone Broom

Silicone Broom


EAN: 7290005902437


Adjustable Joint: The handy adjustable knuckle joint allows you to effortlessly clean underneath furniture, making this the perfect silicone rubber broom for pet hair.

The brilliant silicone bristle broom: Tyroler’s slanted rubber bristle broom and squeegee impressively gets the dirt along walls, are scratch-free, and use static charge to amazingly collect lint, hair, and dust.

Squeegee Edge: Whether you’re cleaning spills or drying up your patio, you’ll find the integrated squeegee on our silicone broom to be incredibly handy.

Comfortably Long: We’ve fitted this silicone broom with a Lightweight Long 4 Part Handle 140 cm, giving you remarkable comfort that other silicone brooms simply can’t match.

Exceptional Quality: Hardwood, cement, tile or glass, the single cast broom build guarantees unwavering service for years to come

  • Material – 100% Silicone

  • Handle Assembly – Screwing

  • Handle – 4 Part Aluminum Anti-Rust, 140cm/55in Long, powder-coated finish

  • Weight – 750gr / 1.65lbs

  • Resistance – Detergents, Oil, Chemicals

  • Joint System – 8 lines

  • Joint System – 180° swivel head joint

  • Slanted Bristles – Slanted bristles for easy cleaning along walls and household furniture

  • Height – 140cm/55in

  • Length – 42cm/16.5in

  • Width – 5cm/2in

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