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Magic Dustpan

Magic Dustpan


EAN: 7290005902154


LEAVES NO DUST BEHIND: The Magic Dustpan is made using a single piece of RUBBER, allowing it to hug tightly to the floor leaving no gaps for dirt to escape.

ONE-SWEEP CLEAN: The lip of this rubber dustpan with handle finishes thinner than the point of a needle, ensuring no dirt lines form when using a broom with dustpan.

LONG HANDLE DUST PAN: Measuring out at 105 CM, the dustpan long handle eliminates tedious bending allowing you to work comfortably without back pain.

ACCOMMODATES MOST BROOMS: This lobby dustpan has a wide-body to work with most kinds of brooms and stands upright to make sweeping even easier.

LASTS FOR YEARS: Being the only dustpan on a stick made using a single piece of natural rubber; it offers unmatched durability that easily surpasses that of plastic dustpans.

  • Material – 100% Natural Rubber

  • Handle Assembly – Vacuum

  • Handle – 3 Part Aluminum Anti-Rust, 105cm Long, powder-coated finish

  • Weight – 700gr/ 1.54lbs

  • Resistance – Detergents & chemicals

  • Ergonomic – Thanks to the unique structure, the dustpan hugs the floor perfectly leaving no gaps for dirt to escape through

  • Height – 105cm/41.3in

  • Length – 27cm/10.62in

  • Width – 8cm/3.14in

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