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Antibacterial Toilet Brush White

Antibacterial Toilet Brush White


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Tyroler Anti-Stick Effect toilet set is made from 100% silicone, doesn’t capture dirt, stays completely clean, and easy to clean.

The brush never wears out or changes its shape, maintaining perfect cleaning.

No need to press for perfect cleaning results. The soft toilet brush silicone bristles require gentle, effortless scrubbing. As much as you use a lighter scrubbing force you will get better results.

Clean design compatible with all bathrooms.

The brush’s unique design reaches all toilet parts, reducing cleaning time.


  • Material – 100% Silicone

  • Weight – 750gr / 1.65lbs

  • Resistance – Detergents, Oil, Chemicals

  • Reinforced Handle – Ergonomic silicone handle is reinforced with a stainless steel rod

  • Anti-Stick Effect – Made from 100% silicone does not allow dirt to stick on

  • Silicone Canister – Unique canister with silicone ribs that keeps the canister super stable

  • Height – 38cm/15in

  • Length – 16cm/6.3in

  • Width – 16cm/6.3in

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